My Story

A little over 5 years ago I was introduced to Scentsy, not by a person, just by a catalog at work.  It was sitting on the table in the break room and I flipped through it .  I am a HUGE candle lover and thought the warmers really were quite cool looking, so I called the gal and asked her to bring them on over so I could 'check them out'.  Little did she know I had already decided I was going to "sign up".  I loved the scents immediately and I was completely hooked! I worked at the same job for 11 years, but it didn't ever bring me the same JOY that I get when I do my Scentsy home parties and events.  I LOVE being around other people and hearing their stories, learning about them and having a great time.  I Love growing as a person and watching my team members grow - it is inspiring to me.  So, with great excitement I turned in my resignation and decided to do what i LOVE ~ SCENTSY! I GET to inspire others, help them have what they want most; whether it is extra money, some time out with grown ups, to feel valuable, to go on Scentsy trips, and anything else they want - I get to be a part of that ALL DAY, every day!!!  I LOVE MY SCENTSY team!  <!--endbody-->